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Johann J. Köster is re-elected as Chairman of the new Board of Management of Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.

Johann J. KösterOn June 23, 2017, at the 69th Annual General Assembly in Lüneburg, Johann J. Köster was re-elected for his 4th term as Chairman of the Executive Board of the German Industry Association for Construction Chemicals Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.

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One component joint sealing for indoor and outdoor use

Elastic polyurethane as joint sealingKÖSTER PU 907 (elastic, low modulus polyurethane sealant) complements the J – Joint sealing product range

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KÖSTER MS Flex Foil: multi-purpose repair material

KÖSTER MS Flex FoilKÖSTER MS Flex Foil, a universal repair material with 500% elasticity for indoor and outdoor use.

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Do you know...?

KÖSTER Connecting Hose and Nozzle for Caulking Gun

Accessories for the application of KÖSTER KB-Flex 200 Sealing Paste with a flexible hose and 45° bend.



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