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KÖSTER TPO Aqua for drinking water tanks











KÖSTER has developed a TPO membrane for drinking water tanks: KÖSTER TPO Aqua.

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The Old Harrods Repository Repaired Using Koster Waterproofing Products

Harrods Repository showing the domes on top of the entrance which have been waterproofed with Koster Products
Koster products have been used to solve a serious water ingress issue in one of the domes of the old Harrods Repository building in London.

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Koster Flooring System the Solution at Schneider Electrics Factory

Schneider electrics factory floor after repair with Koster VAP
Koster VAP Moisture Mitigation System has been used to resolve the on-going problems experienced by Schneider Electrics at the companies Plymouth factory

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KÖSTER Deuxan 2C Extratight

Two-component, compression-proof, elastic, polymer modified, fibrated bitumen thick film sealant for safe waterproofing of buildings in accordance with DIN 18 195. Resistant to pressurised water, approved by the building authorities. Radonproof.



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