Wetroom waterproofing

Wetrooms are a critical area in terms of waterproofing.  Escaping water can lead to severe damage in other areas of the building. Discoloration of decorative finishes, leakages into adjoining rooms and tiles coming loose are often the first visible signs of a problem, but at this stage a large amount of "behind the scenes" damage has already occured.  If such rooms are waterproofed (tanked) correctly from the start the building is protected and the wetroom enjoyed without problems.  The wetroom is waterproofed seamlessly from the walls to the floor to the gully. The waterproofing layer is temperature stable and able to bridge possible cracks.

Koster Aquatecnic Ltd have extensive expertise in this area, please visit our dedicated wetroom site for further information, with a wide range of wetroom products available from our online store:-


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Wet room waterproofing with liquid synthetics

1 Primer
KÖSTER BD 50 Primer
2 Waterproofing corners and wall floor junctions
KÖSTER BD 70 Flex Tape K 120
3 Waterproofing outside corners
KÖSTER BD 72 Flex Tape Outside Corner
4 Waterproofing inside corners
KÖSTER BD 71 Flex Tape Inside Corner
5 Waterproofing wall penetrations
KÖSTER BD 73 Flex Tape Wall Sleeve
6 Waterproofing floor drains
KÖSTER BD 74 Flex Tape Floor Sleeve
7 Waterproofing layer
8 Tile adhesive
KÖSTER BD 20 Flexible Tile Adhesive





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