Floor coatings

Koster Aquatecnic offer a range of moisture control products which have been specifically developed to solve the problems of water vapour in concrete slabs which frequently cause the failure of vinyl or resin flooring. 

Koster's proven vapour barrier system can be applied to new builds or existing concrete and prevents moisture from rising through the concrete and causing the failure of the flooring.

Please visit the Koster Flooring website for full information regarding the causes of water vapour in concrete floors and a detailed description of the Koster products available to prevent or solve the problem of rising water vapour.

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Moisture Mitigation System

1 Moist concrete with high alkalinity

2 Vapour barrier
3 Floor coating

Moisture penetration through concrete slabs can cause severe problems for subsequent flooring. High concentrations of moisture and alkalinity can lead to the delamination of coatings. To avoid this effect the concrete slab has to be primed with a material which has very good bonding characteristics, forms a vapor barrier and is resistant to high alkalinity.

KÖSTER VAP 2000 is a special material which fulfils all of these functions. It is applied to shot blasted and solid substrates that are free of bond inhibiting substances. After curing a covering layer (i.e. KÖSTER EM-VS) or the final flooring can be applied.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.


Floor coatings which are exposed to moderate stresses

Concrete floors exposed to moderate stresses are ideally and easily coated with the decorative floor sealant KÖSTER EM-VS. The coating is applied in two layers onto the prepared and cleaned concrete surface.

The surface protection of walls is easily done with KÖSTER Silicone Paint White.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.

Floor coatings which are exposed to heavy stresses

Concrete floors which are exposed to heavy stresses are coated with KÖSTER LF-BM. KÖSTER LF-BM is applied to the prepared, dry, sound and solid substrate free of loose particles and bond inhibiting substances.
By mixing KÖSTER LF-BM with quartz sand the coating achieves a high mechanical strength.

The surface protection of walls is easily done with KÖSTER Silicone Paint White.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.

Fast-setting self-leveling underlayment on mineral and non-absorbent substrates

Whether installing flooring systems and coatings in new or existing buildings, substrates generally must first be levelled. The goal is to provide a level and highly resilient surface suitable for a broad variety of flooring systems. In order to achieve excellent bonding to the following underlayment, the prepared substrate is primed with KÖSTER SL Primer. KÖSTER SL Primer works as a bonding agent to provide a homogeneous absorbency and bind residual dust. It thereby guarantees a consistent and damage free substrate. KÖSTER SL Primer cures rapidly and is thus quickly recoatable. The leveling is then carried out with KÖSTER SL Premium in one working step in layer thicknesses between 2 and 15 mm; in depressions up to 30 mm. KÖSTER SL Premium is a high quality, self-leveling underlayment for the repair of concrete and existing coated floors. The material is characterized by a high compressive strength and cures with almost no shrinkage, thus preventing cracking. Due to its excellent flowability KÖSTER SL Premium is very easy and safe to work with. Additionally, KÖSTER SL Premium is suitable for non-absorbent substrates, e. g. on floors that have been protected with KÖSTER VAP I® 2000 for moisture control, on existing epoxy coatings or even tiles. As a bonding agent, KÖSTER VAP I® 06 Primer is used.  KÖSTER SL Premium allows for an early use after application: After 3 hours foot traffic is allowed, subsequent flooring systems can be installed after 5 hours, and after 24 hours curing time the material is even trafficable.

Self-leveling underlayment on wooden substrates

2 Floor coating

Hardwood floors are often found in older buildings and present a difficult surface for additional flooring surfaces during renovation. KÖSTER SL Flex is a mineral based underlayment for application to a wide variety of substrates including concrete floors, screeds, asphalt, steel, tile or wooden floors. The material is flexible enough to accommodate the movements of the wooden surface as well as high localized pressure resulting from furniture or dropped items. Before installation the substrate has to be free of dust and bonding inhibiting particles such as oil and grease. When applying over tongue and groove wooden floors, cleaning agent and care product residues such as wax must be completely removed, if necessary sanded off. Painted areas must be sanded and subsequently vacuumed. Floor boards must be firmly attached to the joists with screws. Open or wide joints between the boards, defects, and hollows have to be filled with an acrylic jointing compound. The prepared wooden surfaces is then primed with KÖSTER VAP I® 06 Primer. KÖSTER SL Flex stabilizes the surface due to its high flexural strength. As a result, the floor experiences less buckling under stress and allows the installation of tile, which under high surface movement would have inevitably come to damage.

Parking garages and trafficked surfaces with high mechanical stresses

1 Substrate

2 Primer
4 Top Coat

Parking garages and trafficked areas have especially high requirements on coatings. The KÖSTER OS 8 System is a highly resistant, easy to apply solution.

Surface preparation is critical and should result in a clean, dry surface free of all bond-inhibiting materials. KÖSTER CT 121 mixed with KÖSTER Quartz Sand MA 30 (1:1) is used as a primer and applied with a standard trowel. Immediately afterwards, the primed surface is spread with a roller and subsequently broadcasted with KÖSTER CT Quartz Sand MA 20. Through the broadcast with KÖSTER Quartz Sand a very high mechanical resistance is attained as well as a high slip resistance.

After excess Quartz Sand has been removed, the top coat consisting of the solvent-free KÖSTER CT
221 is applied. The KÖSTER OS 8 system has been tested according to the DIN EN 1504-2 guideline and fulfills the supplementary standard DIN V 18026.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.

Hygienic protective coating for the food production industry

1 Substrate

KÖSTER UC combines properties of mineral floor leveling materials (leveling and repair of mineral substrates) and reactive resin coatings (protection against penetrating substances and damage as well as decorative design) in one product. It is based on a polymer binder (polyurethane) and mineral fillers. KÖSTER UC Systems can therefore be used in a wide variety of fields of application with high demands on the coating such as in the food production industry (production, kitchens) as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. KÖSTER UC can be installed in new construction projects (retail) and in the renovation of production areas which must be quickly open to traffic.

In order to ensure a successful application, the substrate must be properly prepared by shotblasting. The three-part KÖSTER UC System is made up of: KÖSTER UC 100, a self-leveling urethane cement flooring system for smaller layer thicknesses; KÖSTER UC 200, a trowel applied urethane cement flooring system for higher layer thicknesses; and KÖSTER UC 300, a very thin-layer urethane cement flooring system, which can be used as a primer or top coat, depending on the circumstances. Additionally, KÖSTER UC Pigment Paste can be used to color any of the KÖSTER UC flooring system to meet decorative requirements.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.





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