Concrete restoration of the feed alley: Fast, safe and environmentally friendly

Feeding alleys in agricultural buildings are exposed to high chemical and mechanical stresses. The acids or fermented juices from feed and silage dissolve the carbonates from the concrete and leave a rough, destroyed structure on the concrete floor. The remaining washed concrete-like surface makes cleaning difficult. Rotting bacteria settle in and spoil the fresh food quickly. In order to be able to comply with the prescribed hygiene regulations for livestock farms, the feed alley must be rehabilitated.

When choosing remediation options, attention must be paid to toxicological and ecological compatibility. Harmful substances that could get into the feed may not be used. Therefore, the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG offers a mineral and therefore harmless floor coating for the repair of the feed alleys.

The old concrete floor is removed by milling, ie purely mechanically and without chemicals. KÖSTER SL Primer is then applied to the dry surface free of dust, oils, and fats. The primer serves to reduce the absorbency of the substrate. Subsequently, the self-leveling coating KÖSTER SL Protect is applied by means of a gauging rake and a spiked roller. KÖSTER SL Protect is a protection and leveling compound based on special types of cement with increased acid resistance. Because the product is mineral based, no sharp-edged flaking of the floor coating is to be feared, in contrast to common synthetic resin coatings.
To increase the abrasion resistance and improve the skid resistance, the freshly renovated feed passage in the area of the track is broadcast with quartz sand and then re-treated with KÖSTER Polysil TG 500 after approx. 12 hours.

The coating system applied by the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG can be carried out safely and non-slip within one to two days. It is directly useable as a high-performance industrial floor. Particularly advantageous for industry and agriculture is that damage can be repaired easily and inexpensively, and without much preparation.

Feed Alley Restoration and CoatingFood alley after restoration with KÖSTER products

We will be pleased to inform you so that the repair of the feeding alley for your customers and their livestock is stress-free.

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