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USA, Long Beach, CA, World Trade Center

World Trade Center, Long Beach CA 
Fields of application
Waterproofing water tanks
Internal basement waterproofing in case of active water ingress
Internal basement waterproofing on foundation plate with mineral systems
The project was to seal the areas where the beam tie-backs had been patched and poured. There were 400 plus locations on three levels approximately 4 feet square each. The third level of the garage is below sea level. Also on the lower two levels there were a number of cracks in the wall which had leakage conditions. KOSTER KD 2 Blitz System was used on any wet or leaking areas including all wall cracks. All 400 plus beam tie-backs then had the KOSTER KD 2 Blitz applied where leaking, and then were covered with the KOSTER NB 1 System. Urethane grout injection was included in the specification to handle leaks, cracks or any other areas where the KOSTER NB 1/KD Systems were not able to stop moisture. At the conclusion of the job, no Urethane grout was required at any location.  
Product applied
KÖSTER KD 2 Blitz Powder
KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion "Concentrate"
Contractor – Kitson Specialty Contractors, Santa Fe Springs, CA 



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