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Portugal, Arruda dos Vinhos, Private House

Private House, Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal 
Fields of application
Roof waterproofing with mechanically fastened membranes
Private house on Arruda dos Vinhos, near Vila Franca de Xira made of steel frame structure and wood panels on top of concrete foundations and ground level garage. The house has a total of 1200 m2 of roofing area with wood substrate. The system applied was the KOSTER Vapor Barrier FR on top of the wood substrate, followed by the application of 6 cm PIR thermal insulation boards and the waterproofing membrane with KOSTER TPO 1.5 mechanically attached.  
Product applied
KÖSTER Contact Adhesive
KÖSTER Emergency Overflow 300*80*300 mm
KÖSTER Pipe Flashing 40/300 light grey
KÖSTER Roof Drain with Leaf Trap NW 70
KÖSTER TPO Metal Covered Composite Sheet light grey
KÖSTER Vapor Barrier LFL
KÖSTER Water Spout DN 70
J Prudêncio Lda, Braga 
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